December 17, 2022

Letter to Myself 004: Help for the Holidays

Letter to Myself 004: Help for the Holidays

Welcome back to Letter to Myself! This December, we’ll be looking at how to manage the holiday season while keeping your mental health a priority.

Helping Hands

December is a month filled with plenty of holidays and celebrations to be had! For many, it is a season full of special time with loved ones, giving and receiving gifts, and holiday cheer. However, it can be a particularly hard time for some. Whether it be isolation or lack of community, financial hardship, difficulties within the family, or trauma associated with a specific holiday, there are many reasons why the holiday season is unpleasant and unpredictable for so many. In this month’s newsletter, we’ll highlight some useful tools to keep on hand so you can better navigate the season, and help support yourself or others who may need it this time of year!

If you want tips for yourself or for others on how to manage your mental health for the holidays, this article can really help with perspectives ->
If you want to take charge of your mental health and put some mental barriers in place in anticipation for the season, this article has a five great tips ->
If you want to learn more about why this may occur, and also gain some insight into specific instances where these feelings may arise, this video is a great resource ->

Client Corner

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