December 23, 2021

What to expect in a Cognito care coaching session? Your Cognito Care Coach is in your corner

What to expect in a Cognito care coaching session? Your Cognito Care Coach is in your corner

Your Cognito Care coach is there to help. If you’re feeling vulnerable and hesitant to discuss your mental health with anyone, let alone a complete stranger, rest assured that our care coaches understand where you are coming from and are equipped with the skills to make this daunting task seem as effortless as catching up with a friend. 

Who are Cognito Care Coaches? Confidential confidants trained in cognitive behavioural therapy and mindfulness techniques

To start, your Care Coach will ask for a general check-in on how you’ve been feeling since your last meeting or initial onboarding. If you’ve already been prescribed medication, your Care Coach will want to know if you’ve been experiencing any challenges or if you’ve already started to see positive change. Your visit with a Cognito care coach is an opportunity to discuss overall wellness, energy levels and health, as well as ensuring the treatment plan is progressing as planned or if modifications should be discussed with our physician team.

After prioritizing an overall health check-in, your care coach will then work on helping you create a plan to achieve your mental health goals or ask for an update on how you have been progressing towards these goals. 

An example of some of the steps care coaches might provide a patient for their mental health plan are: CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), mindfulness, meditation, and homework exercises tasking you to do things like keep a log of negative thoughts, engage in a situation you are avoiding to prove an unhelpful belief wrong, or practice some new skills like breathing exercises when you are anxious.

If you are in emotional distress, please contact the resources below
For emergencies dial 9-1-1 or present to your nearest emergency department.