December 28, 2021

What is Cognito? Combined treatment for mental health in an easy online package

What is Cognito? Combined treatment for mental health in an easy online package

Cognito Health is Canada’s only online fully integrated mental health solution for patients experiencing depression, anxiety, insomnia and ADHD.

What mental health resources does Cognito provide? Access to physicians, therapists, and medication.

At Cognito we begin our patient onboarding with a clinically proven mental health assessment. Based on assessment results we then prescribe the best treatment plan based on individual needs. Most often, we believe our patients have the best chances of success through combined treatment so after meeting with a physician our patients then move on to cognitive therapy (psychotherapy), and if prescribed, our Pharmacist will ship medication (psychiatry) to the patient's door. In addition to two regular online visits with a Cognito Care Coach each month, expect ongoing monthly check-ins from a Cognito Physician for the duration of the program.

How much does mental health treatment cost? One click, access to medication and therapy, and your first month is only $30 (CAD)

To help more Canadians feel like themselves again, Cognito is offering a 70% discount on the first month of service for new patients. After your first month its $99.

Why should I choose Cognito to treat my mental health? Cognito is simply more accessible, affordable, immediate, and integrated.

We all have busy lives, and at Cognito, we understand that. That’s why all of our  services were designed with this in mind. From the ease of your smart phone or computer, all of our interactions are online so that you can fit in appointments during your busy schedule right from the comfort of your own home or while on the go. We’ll save you the trip to the pharmacy as well, as all prescribed medication is sent directly to your door.

If you are in emotional distress, please contact the resources below
For emergencies dial 9-1-1 or present to your nearest emergency department.