January 11, 2023

What is a Cognito CBT Care Provider?

What is a Cognito CBT Care Provider?

Whatever your story, our CBT Care Providers are here to offer a safe space as you embark on your path to mental wellness.

Cognito CBT Care Providers bring a diverse range of prior experience in healthcare and education in psychology. Alongside this, all Cognito CBT Care Providers complete an intensive training program to deliver cognitive behavioural therapy. 

Your provider will always strive to provide you with: 

  • Emotional support and a listening ear
  • Evidence based CBT tools that you can apply in your own life, at a pace that works for you
  • Motivation and accountability to keep you going throughout the hard times and easier times

Throughout their practice, they are overseen by a registered clinical supervisor who provides clinical support, as well as reinforces their CBT knowledge and ongoing skill development. They also work closely with our team of medical providers to ensure you are getting the best support you need.‍

At the start of your CBT journey, your CBT Care Provider will ask questions about the difficulties you are experiencing and what goals you have for your sessions. They will work with you to create a plan on how to achieve these goals using evidence based CBT techniques. 

‍Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a goal-oriented style of talk therapy that explores how our thoughts and beliefs affect our feelings and behaviours. Through building awareness of how our thoughts, actions and emotions fit together, we can introduce opportunities to either carry on as usual or make a conscious choice to shift our reactions and thoughts. A shift in any one of these three areas can create change in the others, helping us work towards our mental health goals.‍

Let’s picture our brains as a meadow of tall plush grass. For months or years, our feet have carved a path through the meadow. This well marked path is easy to keep following and therefore we continue to behave, think, and feel in the same ways, potentially maintaining a cycle of low mood or anxiety. ‍

Using CBT, we will explore the possibility of creating a different path that may lead to a healthier and happier destination. To start, we will wade through the tall grass on an unbeaten path, and the first few times may prove to be uncomfortable with prickly plants in our way. With time, we will be left with a new path that leads right to healthier behaviours and more balanced thoughts & feelings, which we can keep following during every future journey we take.‍

Throughout your sessions, you and your CBT Care Provider will collaborate together to navigate this path. As your guide, your provider will offer assistance with reading the map, providing directions and offering advice on how to navigate any obstacles. To aid you in your progress towards reaching your desired destination, your provider may recommend integrating your new found CBT toolkit into daily life by practicing the skills between sessions. 

‍Alongside the guidance from your CBT Care Provider, it will be up to you to choose the turns you’ll take, and ultimately, the destination you arrive at. ‍

If you are in emotional distress, please contact the resources below
For emergencies dial 9-1-1 or present to your nearest emergency department.