November 14, 2023

Letter to Myself 015: Loneliness and Connection

Letter to Myself 015: Loneliness and Connection

Today, we'll be taking a look at coping with loneliness and forging connections with others.


We’re more connected to one another than ever before. With social media, texting, and video calls having revolutionized how we interact, making connections and time for one another has never been easier. However, this is not always the case. Even with these tools at our disposal, feeling connected to others can be challenging.

If you’re struggling with feelings of loneliness or isolation, you are most certainly not alone in that feeling. In 2021, a study found that more than 1 in 10 Canadians aged 15 or older feel lonely most or all of the time. While experiencing feelings of loneliness is a universal human experience, these challenges can be amplified by mental health conditions such as social anxiety, ADHD, and depression, amongst others.

You may have an abundance of anxiety surrounding meeting new people or hanging out in group settings, have challenges with understanding social cues or staying focussed in conversations, or you may just have no energy to put towards maintaining friendships and relationships.

Whatever the reason may be, feeling connected with others is an important part of mental health, and being comfortable with spending time alone is helpful as well. We all deserve to feel like we are loved and included, and self-love is no different.

This month, we've curated some helpful articles about how to cope with loneliness, tips on harnessing connections with others, and advice on spending time with yourself.

Helping Hands

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