October 30, 2022

Men's Health Month - What You Need to Know

Men's Health Month - What You Need to Know

Find out more about Men's Health Month and what you can do to recognize the cause.

Men's Health Month is an annual initiative aimed at reducing the stigma surrounding men's mental health and creating avenues where men are able to access the services they need. Each November, organizations around the world recognize this initiative.

Since men are often socialized into not discussing personal struggles and their mental health, this month acts as a conversation starter for men to feel safe and comfortable expressing their thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Additionally, the Movember initiative can be synonymous with MHM as it is recognized in November and raises awareness for a multitude of men's health issues, including men's mental health.

The Canadian Mental Health Association takes part in this initiative, making it of national importance and recognition. To find out more about resources available for men, view CMHA's press release here.

If you are in emotional distress, please contact the resources below
For emergencies dial 9-1-1 or present to your nearest emergency department.