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Transform your mental health with personalized treatment from our dedicated team with our all-in-one CBT therapy program.

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All-In-One Anxiety Treatment Program
Initial Assessment

Step 1: Personalized Treatment Plan

Get a personalized treatment plan for your mental health with Cognito. Begin by having a 1-on-1 video session with a Nurse Practitioner: during the session, feel free to ask questions about Cognito and gain a better understanding of your symptoms.

Prescriber Visit

Step 2: Begin 1:1 CBT Sessions

Begin 1-on-1 virtual Cognitive Behavioural Therapy sessions every two weeks and learn skill to effectively manage your mental well being. In addition to your CBT sessions, you will have access to Cognito’s library of self-pace courses and mental health resources.

Therapy Twice Per Month

Step 3: Track Your Progress

Throughout your journey with Cognito, you’ll do clinical surveys to help you and your care team track, manage, and optimize your treatment for the best possible outcome!

Our Clients Love Cognito

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Aug 23
I am so unbelievably grateful that I was able to utilize Cognito to receive diagnosis and treatment. I have been waiting years and was able to go through the process with Cognito in a matter of a couple months and I feel like I can finally breath and start moving forward. Thank you!
Jun 23
Cognito has made it very easy for me to make time for my mental health. I definitely have experienced drastic improvements to my day-to-day life because of this company's dedication to making mental health more accessible.
Apr 23
I have appreciated all the help I’ve been receiving through Cognito. Not only did they put me on the correct medication, through CBT they have helped me find everyday coping skills and come up with a game plan to tackle challenges.
Jul 23
Cognito has helped me to make huge strides in my mental health and day-to-day. I came to Cognito completely exasperated with my options for ongoing care and Cognito came like a light out of the darkness. I can't recommend the service enough!
Jun 23
I am so grateful to have found Cognito. I was able to get the help I needed and continue to see a care coach who helps me navigate through my new diagnosis, assisting with strategies to work with my ADHD instead of fighting it.
Mar 23
I have been using Cognito for over a year now. The team here has your best interests in mind and are very helpful. I have had a great experience on my journey so far. This is a great and affordable option for people wanting to take a step to get help.
Jul 23
Cognito has changed my life.  They provide excellent care, thorough evaluation and monitoring and are focused on helping me navigate my diagnosis and treatment.  I cannot say enough about how glad I am to have invested in myself and taking the step to work with the Cognito team.  
Apr 23
Cognito is the best choice I could’ve made for my quality of life! From the amazing personal CBT coaching to the kind, intentional medication prescription, they make the whole process of support easy & comfortable.
Mar 23
Because of Cognito my life has improved dramatically! My family and friends have noticed the difference and I give all the credit to Cognito! Its has been so easy to get the help I've needed from the comfort of my own home.

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Dr Francois Muller

Director of Medicine
Bhavan Manhas

Bhavan Manhas

Director of Quality & Practice
Maddie Cooper

Maddie Cooper

CBT Care Provider
Kayla Milley

Kayla Milley

Nurse Practitioner

Dr Lois Ligate

Dr Marlene Muller

Dr Marlene Muller

Physician Lead

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